Hi there,

My name is Nick Priola and I am the founder of PRVN Athletics. Believe it or not, if you asked me a year ago if this is where my path was headed... I would have called you crazy. 

Long story short, my entire life up until 2017 was centered around baseball. From long road trips to Las Vegas for winter baseball, to playing in the blazing hot summer Arizona sun... I lived and breathed baseball. Up until my last year of college, I truly believed that I was going to get drafted into the MLB. Surprise... I didnt. 

Once I was done with baseball, I knew that I had to take my life into. a different direction. This is when I decided to pick up a camera.. and the rest is history.

I thought that I wanted to become a filmmaker/photographer for the rest of my life, but no matter how good my skills got, I found myself not always enjoying my job(I mainly filmed weddings). This is where fitness comes into the picture. No matter where I was at with my videography career, I ALWAYS made the gym my priority. My whole day revolved around what I was eating and when I was going to the gym... After about a year of this, I finally realized that fitness is what I truly was passionate about. 

I always had a feeling that I was meant for something other than videography... I was always so jealous of people who TRULY enjoyed their line of work, and although I am very passionate about film and photography... It has its ups and downs.

At the beginning of 2020, I moved into an apartment downtown. Once I was all moved in, my buddies and I had creative sessions in my living room.. Chatting about different idea, inspirations that we were currently having.

PRVN Athletics all started in an urban 1 Bedroom apartment in downtown Denver based off the idea that self driven individuals can accomplish ANYTHING they set their minds to. Proving others wrong will only get you so far.

I hope that if anybody takes the time to fully read this abbreviated story.. They know that there IS something out there that you love that can change your life. No matter what it is. It is not work if you love what you are doing.. I used to think that didn't exist because 

Expect nothing, earn everything